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Metalwork radiography

Roman metalwork, mostly nails.

Dana Goodburn-Brown from DBG Conservation and I spent a little time together imaging some metalwork finds from various archaeological sites. Objects included Iron Age (bronze) coins, Roman nails, medieval coins and objects of unknown identity.

Of note, take a look at the photos to see how Dana and her team arrange the items on plastic sheets or cardboard. By clearly labelling the items the team can use the x-rays to identify each object. The plastic bags, tape and cardboard don't affect the quality of the images due to their low density (when compared to the metalwork). I tend to export as both JPEG and DICOM files so that the images can be shared easily by email (JPEG) and manipulated as necessary (DICOM). Whereas the 26 JPEG files were only ~5MB, the DICOM were 359MB. Although much larger, the DICOM files provide the opportunity for digital magnification of the images, changing the contrast/brightness and exporting as new JPEGS. In addition to this, I always take photographs of each set up, just in case we aren't sure what was x-rayed!

Exposure factors used ranged from 55kV / 5mAs to 81kV / 5mAs.

All images:

By James Elliott

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