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BBC Radio Kent interview

About the Canterbury Museum Egyptian head

On Friday 9th July 2021 my interview with Max Barrett concerning the Canterbury Museum ancient Egyptian mummified head was aired. A big thanks to Max for inviting me on the show, which has taken listeners around Kent letter-by-letter from A-Z. When it came to the letter X there really was no option but to go for X-ray!

During the short 7 minute interview we discussed the history of the head, the x-rays and what we have found out so far. In short, we can deduce from the x-rays that this is an adult female with significant wear upon her teeth. I hope to arrange a CT scan of the head to find out more about the individal.

A recording of the interview will be made available once it has been uploaded. A video of the x-ray event is also due for release soon.

For more information about the Canterbury Museum head and the Maidstone Museums mummy Ta Kush, please visit the Projects section of this website.

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