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At last! The CT scan of Ta Kush is published...

Lockwood P, Elliott J, Nelson A, Harris S. Computed tomography head and facial bones review of a 2700 year old Egyptian mummy. BJR Case Rep 2019; 5: 20190076.

After a lot of work and the diligence of Paul Lockwood, my fellow Diagnostic Radiography lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University, we've managed to have our case report on Ta Kush (the Maidstone Musuem Egyptian mummy) published.

Paul approached me after the Society of Radiographers South East Regional Study Day in 2018 to ask about collaborating on a short case report on the CT head of the ancient Egyptian mummy. The mummy was from my local museum, and I had used her CT imaging as an example of paleoimaging in my original article for Imaging and Therapy Practice. In fact, I worked at KIMS hospital (based in Kent) when the imaging took place, but annoyingly my co-workers failed to tell me the scan was going ahead. You would think that a background in archaeology and forensic radiography would have put me at the forefront of their minds.

A 3D reconstruction of Ta Kush, a 2,300 year old Egyptian mummy at Maidstone Museum

I enlisted the help of Andrew Nelson, of Western University, Ontario, Canada to help with the interpretation of the CT scan. He has extensive knowledge of Egyptian mummies, widely published, and an anthropologist. After finding out that he has written an informal anthropological report on Ta Kush, I certainly wanted to have him on board.

Paul Lockwood has a vast amount of knowledge on CT head imaging (having taught it at CCCU afterall), and he took the lead on this article. I've learnt a great deal from Paul with regards to the publishing process, from writing the ethics forms, the participants sheets, constructing the manuscript and handling the reviewer's comments. I hope to continue my efforts in the area of paleoimaging and paleoradiology.

There is a dedicated section to the Ta Kush CT imaging in the Case Study section of this website.


Ta Kush 3D reconstruction is kindly reproduced with permission from Samantha Harris from Maidstone Museum.

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