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Golden Apple awards 2020 Canterbury Christ Church University

I've been nominated for an award!

This picture was actually from the same award ceremony last year. You can see my bald head sticking into view just left of centre. The guys at CCCU reused the image for the YouTube broadcast of 2020 results.

This year the Golden Apple Awards were broadcast online instead of the large public affair of previous years - due to the coronavirus obviously... It was a shame because I really enjoyed the sheer size of the event last year, free hot drinks and nibbles. The lady who runs the whole affair simply loves the drama of it all. She is a superb presenter - much like a quiz show host.

As with last year, I was honored by being nominated by my students for my teaching in Diagnostic Radiography. This time around I was nominated for the following categories; Most calm in a crisis, Most available with online availability, Most humour in delivering online content, Best online lecture, Most dedicated to all student learning, Best virtual seminar, Innovative use of video chat.

The categories were changed to suit the new teaching environment (i.e. online) and I employed the same techniques as last year to maximise student assessment literacy and tutor/student communication where ever possible. This was in the module titled Using Evidence, the research skills module for second year students. I suspect my interest in research skills and enthusiasm for the module really carries over to the students. If I had one of those god awful touchy-feely reflective modules about social interactions I wouldn't convey the same amount of interest. I've come to realise that there's an element of acting that comes with the academic role - come what may you should demonstrate to the students that every aspect of the course is utterly essential to their holistic learning experience.

After re-reading the paragraph above I think I may be a little autistic.

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