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A session on human identification using forensic radiography...

With the BSc Forensic Investigation students of Canterbury Christ Church University.

Following the success of my session with the forensic students last year, I was invited back to talk about the use of forensic radiography in the identification of human remains. It was rather odd giving a session in a mock court, the distance between the students and myself was quite surmountable! I was at the top table and they were in the back seats, I found myself traipsing back and forth so that I could get the students involved (and harder to hide).

This session was all about the use of medical imaging in forensics to identify the deceased, mostly in the disaster victim mortuary setting. I've a number of forensic sessions lined up this year, with another two dedicated for forensic x-rays later this month.

A big thanks to Shauna McCusker, lecturer in forensic investigation, for asking me to provide this session.

Image: Blast injury to a hand.

Case courtesy of A.Prof Frank Gaillard,

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