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A practical session in forensic radiography...

With the BSc Forensic Investigation students from Canterbury Christ Church University.

This week I provided a session for BSc Forensic Investigation students the opportunity to view some x-rays on medical-grade screens. It was a fantastic session, looking at images from Radiopaedia (link shown below) and a selection of archaeological x-rays to demonstrate trauma, foreign bodies and the application of anthropology.

Among a plethora of concepts, we explored how grayscale in radiography is linked to density of a material, along with the idea of 3D objects being displayed as 2D images. Although the images on Radiopaedia are superb for educational purposes, the lack of DICOM files means that direct measurements could not be made. Luckily, the archaeological imaging that I've conducted provides high quality DICOM files that can be applied to anthropological investigation. I aim to conduct more imaging in the future to add to to my collection for educational and research use.

A big thanks to Mary Makinde, Lecturer in Forensic Investigation, at Canterbury Christ Church University for asking me to create and deliver this session. The students were wonderful.

Image: A skull x-ray demonstrating a facial gunshot injury from radiopedia

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