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Staff Conference abstract submission - Use of radiographic teaching in archaeology and forensics

Better late than never.

As ever, I'm keen to celebrate the collaborations between radiography, archaeology and forensics. The Canterbury Christ Church University staff conference is a celebration of innovative, exciting and excellent practice in any area of teaching, as an individual or as part of a team. The conference is in May, and I knew about it in March, but I forgot to submit an abstract for my collaborations with archaeology and forensics! An apologetic email and some frantic writing led to further frantic emails and then a submission today. It's only 200 words, but I hope to celebrate how we have impacted upon the undergraduate teaching in archaeology and forensics.

My thanks to Dr Ellie Williams (archaeology) and Mary Makinde (forensic investigation) for their quick input and agreement to the submission. We shall hear the outcome of the judging and hopefully I will be asked to present the poster next month. It'll be odd of course, as we are all working from home during the Coronavirus. An online conference? Seems a bit odd, but the show must go on.

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