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A session on the theory of forensic radiography...

With the BSc Forensic Investigation students of Canterbury Christ Church University.

I spent the afternoon talking to the BSc Forensic Investigation students about the subject of forensic radiography. Next week I shall be providing them a practical session, looking at x-rays and using their powers of deduction to work out what is going on.

This session was focused upon the theory of forensic radiography and the use of x-rays (aka projectional radiography). We explored the benefits of radiography as a method of collecting evidence to be used to answer questions of the law, along with limitations that may be encountered.

It was great to speak to the students and learn more about their course and what they have learnt so far. A number of them also attended my session on human identification, so there were a few familiar faces!

Image: X-rays of fractured right femur with bullet fragments.

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