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Golden Apple Award! Canterbury Christ Church University

I won an award for teaching!

I'm seventh from the left, with all my other staff colleagues from the health professions at Canterbury Christ Church University on the day of the award ceremony.

I'm quite new to this teaching thing at uni, so I was surprise when I had an email saying that I've been nominated for a Golden Apple Award. I didn't think much of it and put the email to the back of my mind. I was asked if I was going along to the ceremony by one of my colleagues. It was done in a manner that gave it little regard, but it turns out the event was a 'big deal' that has a large turn out of staff, students and support staff. Thankfully I decided to go, it was huge! There were well over a hundred people there, with cameras and people recording the session at Augustine House.

Me on the right, looking rather plump. I'm not sure the lighting was flattering.

I was utterly unaware of being nominated by my diagnostic radiography students. They nominated me in the following categories; Health and Wellbeing, Commitment to Sustainability, Commitment to Expect Respect, Stand Out Teaching Moment. When they announced the winner of the Golden Apple award they read out some comments from students, and I instantly recognised the text from my recent module evaluation of my favourite module - Using Evidence (research skills for second year students). An equal amount of dread and excitement crept over me whilst I faltered in my steps to accept the award.

All I did was my job. A real fear is that as I get older, spend more time in employment with the university, will I develop teaching apathy and disinterest? Would I turn into one of those lecturers that stick around because they really, really, don't want to go back into clinical practice? I hope that my efforts do not wain, although I really ought to work smarter, because I ploughed endless hours into email queries and assessment feedback. Next year I'll develop a new method of address the student's needs that is less time intensive.

For now I shall try to feel less like an impostor.

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