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Roman bones

Some more bones from the Canterbury excavation.

A lateral mandible x-ray demonstrating the tooth developmental status.

Lisa and I imaged some bones before our session with Dana started. We imaged two individuals; a mandible for aging and a tibia with a curious notch. The tibia is interesting because the notch is on the lateral (outside) aspect, it is short and rounded at the edges. My initial reaction was that it was a cut mark upon the bone, but I would have thought they were clean and sharp. Was it old? Or close to death? Also, the fibula would have been 'in the way'. Perhaps we should have a look at the fibula to assess for similar pathology or injury. The contralateral tibia was also imaged, which failed to show the notch but threw its own questions into the air. It had a thickened midshaft and considerably more bowed. Further imaging and research will help to answer these questions.

The tibia x-rays. A pen has been used to show the site of the notch. The lateral x-ray (shown on the left) demonstrates the groove as a faint horizontal lucent line.

Images: All images were taken by the author.

Reproduced with permission from Canterbury Archaeological Trust and Canterbury Christ Church University.

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