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X-raying hats

Not something I've done before...

An inverted x-ray. The wire-work of the extravagant hat is clearly demonstrated upon this skull. Lower density structures are only slightly visible.

As part of a joint collaboration, I've teamed up with Chris Garner from Julian Garner Headware to x-ray some of his hat collection. The images will be used for promotional material for his upcoming hat collection. This has nothing to do with paleoimaging, but an example of using the technology with innovation! We experimented with placing hats upon a skull phantom (normally used for training). The biggest challenge was selecting the right exposure to visualise both the hat and the skull. A compromise was sought, although future imaging may use a different technique altogether.

The hat and skull positioned for imaging.

I look forward to working with Chris again in the future. This was an unusual but interesting opportunity to learn about a different profession, millinery, and to generate some promotional material for diagnostic radiography as a career.

Chris and I with the x-ray in the background.

Image: Photos were taken by Chris Garner, x-rays were taken by the author.

Reproduced with permission from Canterbury Christ Church University and Julian Garner Headwear.

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